The Roller Coaster Fair is held yearly the first weekend in October - Travel the Cordell Hull Scenic Highway from Mammoth Cave, Kentucky (Hwy 70 - Hwy 90 - Hwy 63) to Celina, Tennessee (Hwy 52). You will pass through the towns of Cave City, Glasgow, Temple Hill, Mt Hermon, Mud Lick, Tompkinsville, and Hestand (in Kentucky) and Moss and Celina (in Tennessee). Maybe the biggest yard sale in the world! Mile after mile of rolling Kentucky hills, with residents putting out their best arts and crafts and collectible treasures for passersby to see and buy. There are also food booths along the route with barbeque, homemade pies, cakes, treats, and drinks. An experience like none you will ever have anywhere else. You cant miss it!

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