This site preserves the oldest log meetinghouse in Kentucky, built in 1804 during a period of religious revival. Many Revolutionary War soldiers and early pioneers, including Daniel Boone's sister, Hannah, are buried in the churchyard. The log building also saw the beginning of one of the largest denominations of the Christian religion ever organized. The Old Mulkey Church was originally called the Mill Creek Baptist Church, established by a small band of pioneer Baptists from North and South Carolina led by Philip Mulkey. John Mulkey was the first preacher of record. In April 1804 the growing congregation commissioned the building of a meetinghouse. This crude log structure, with puncheon floor, peg leg seats, chinked and daubed walls, clapboard shutters and hand rived shingles, was built with 12 corners and in the shape of a cross with three doors. Many historians believe that the 12 corners represent the 12 apostles, while others believe that they represent the 12 tribes of Israel. The three doors are symbolic of the Holy Trinity.

By 1809, a large congregation worshipped in the log meetinghouse. A controversy arose over the teachings of John Mulkey, which led to several heresy trials. Failing to gain a majority vote against him, the church decided to "choose sides." The majority of the group that believed as Mulkey did continued to worship in the church, which after the split, or schism, became known as "Old Mulkey." The other congregation built the second Mill Creek Baptist Church. The Old Mulkey Church flourished for several years after the schism. Many converts were won to the Campbellite movement, as it was then called, which was very strong in the upper South. Religious services were held there regularly until 1856. The movement became the Disciples of Christ denomination.

The meetinghouse and grounds can be seen free of charge. Open year-round. Hours are 9am to 5pm. The gift shop, located in the park office, features books on the history of Old Mulkey, Kentucky handcrafts and souvenirs. Hours are 8am to 4pm. Old Mulkey has several picnic areas on its 60 acres with a playground and shelter. Just minutes from Tompkinsville - take Hwy1446 south for two miles. The park is on the right.

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